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Moe Nyin Theingi Sayadaw Venerable Jeyapandita



:: Ven. Jeyapandita was born on Tuesday, 6th April 1954 at Lei Kyine Myo, Pwint Phyu Township, Magwe State. His parents were U San Thein and Daw Kyi Kyi.

:: He had a degree of Botany Science from the Rangoon University of Arts and Science. While he was studying for his master degree of Botany, he became a monk. In Myanmar Calendar year 1340, 2nd waning of Tabound on Wednesday he was ordained a Bhikku under the patronage of the previous chief monk of Moe Nyin Theingi Temple Sayadaw Bhaddanta Gandathara at Ya Hung Dar Theindawgyi near the south entrance of Shwedagon Pagoda.

:: He was trained in the Pariyatti Sasana (Study of the scripture; theory of Dhamma) by the previous Moe Nyin Theingi Sayadaw Bhaddanta Gandathara. In 1984, he learned the basis of Buddhist Literature from Chief monk of Shwe Kyin Thike Thit Kyaung Sayadaw Bhaddanta Kaymainda at Thingunkyun Township.

:: In 1985, he passed Primary Basis Buddhist Literature with distinction and continued to study next step (A Ngwe Dan). Because of his patronizing Sayadaw Bhaddanta Gandathara’s advise, he practiced more Patipatti (Practice of Dhamma) than Pariyatti (Study of scripture; theory of Dhamma). In 1985, at the eight years of his monk-hood, he started to teach Insight Meditation Vipassana as a retreat.

:: Ten years after he became a monk, he was appointed as a chief monk of Moe Nyin Theingi Temple. Since he became a chief monk he continued to train people and monks for five days retreat, celebrate the ordination of temporay monkhood and teach Buddha’s teaching in Thingyan (April) and Vasa (July, August, September), of every year up to now at his Temple.
He taught five days retreat (Buddha’s teaching) throughout Burma for over 160 times, within 15 years of his chief monk-hood. Those retreats were in 15 different cities at 8 different states and divisions in Burma.

:: He also runs 2 charitable programs; a program for orphan who want to become educated as Buddhist monk and a program for adult who want to become a monk and wanted to be educated in Buddhism. He also built Ze Na Mun Aung Pagoda, one Dhammar Yone for meditation and Dhamma talk, two storied building for housing monks at Moe Nyin Theingi Temple and one Dhammar Yone at Ya Mei Thinn Township, Shwe Myin Tin Mountain.

:: He teaches not only meditation and Buddhist Education to other housing monks in his temple but he also meditates to improve in Pativeda Sasana (realization of Dhamma). He also serves as a leader in Quarter and Township of Sanghanayaka organization. He had published three books; “Sakkaya-ditthi(20) and Tayar Yogi”, “Teaching of Lord Buddha and Creation of the Universe” and “Realization of Four Noble Truths”.

:: He distributes tapes, video tapes and CDs of his previously recorded Dhamma talks to Yogi during retreat. Now he currently lives in Moe Nyin Theingi Temple located at No.16 Quarter, No.2 Main Road, Dagon Myothit (North) Yangon, Myanmar with over 50 other monks.


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