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Thank you for considering a donation  for cyclone relief in Myanmar. Every single dollar what you donate is for relieve and prevent people from suffering through our association. We promise that your donation will go directly to the people in Myanmar who are suffering after Cyclone. Power was out including the largest city, Yangon, and drinking water was contaminated in the city of 5 million. People need food, medical supplies, construction equipment, clothes, home and more.

Your donation is completely tax-deductible. our Tax ID is 13-3147786.


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America Burma Buddhist Association

( Cyclone Relief in Myanmar )

619 Bergen Street, NY 11238


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  What is going on now !

 :: Myanmar cyclone death toll exceeds 22,000
 :: More than 22,000 killed and 41,000 missing, Myanmar radio reports
 :: 3.6-meter storm surge leaves more than 100,000 homeless in one area
 :: U.N. estimates that up to a million people could be left homeless
 :: U.S. President George Bush says Navy is ready to help if asked





:: Yangon Cyclone Photos

:: CNN News






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