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The Wazo ceremony is held to offer Wazo robes to the monks who observe the rainy season retreat in the temples for three months.
The Kahtina ceremony is held to offer the Kahtina robe and other requisites to the community of monks.
The New Year celebration is held to do prayer and cultivate loving-kindness meditation towards all beings in the New Year's Day.
Htamane Pwe Daw, a Burmese social event, is held to make a seasonal food mixed with sticky rice, oil, sesame, peanut and coconut.
The Buddha Day Ceremony is held to commemorate the Buddha's birth, his Enlightenment, and his Mahaparinibbana.
The Burmese New Year festival is held to celebrate the New Year, by performing meritorious deeds and spraying one another with Thingyan water.

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Burmese Culture Class:

The resident monks teach people Theravadin Buddhism, Satipatthana meditation and Burmese language at the Temples every Saturday.

The Board Meeting:

The board meeting of ABBA is held on the first Suday of each month to discuss and make decisions concerning the activities of the Association. The Lokachantha, the Newsletter of ABBA is issued Quarterly in Burmese and English.


A one hour sitting meditation is practice reqularly at the temples at five O'clock in the morning and six in the evening and anybody can meditate with the monks.

Dhamma Talk

Dhamma talks are given by monks at the Temple of New York on the second Sundays of every month, and ABBA welcomes invitations from outside organizations for our monks to give talks on Buddhism and other religious activities.
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